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In February 1998, I had my first dialogue with Oneness. “What is Oneness?” I asked, silently. “Are you God?” “As the drop of water is to the ocean—that is what Oneness is. The essence of the drop is every bit the essence of the totality. As you would understand God to be—yes, we are God. We are One¬ness,” came the astounding reply.

So began a profound relationship, a love story experienced within the sanctity of my consciousness that continues to this day. In that moment, I embarked on the epic journey that culmi¬nated in transcribing and living-out the teachings contained in this volume. It was a labor of love, and a voyage of discovery, that took over four years to complete.

Back then, I never would have dreamed how my life would turn upside down and then, miraculously, right itself while, through these teachings, Oneness provided humanity with a startling new vision of the true nature of who we are and the world around us that reflects it.

Never suspecting what was, eventually, in store for me, I had been carefully prepared for a Divine encounter of this magnitude for over a decade. It all began on a gorgeous Tennessee summer day in 1987, when Rama, the Hindu God, silently whispered “I love you,” and blasted my heart chakra—and my seemingly nor¬mal world—wide open. I was a Nashville songwriter in those days, momentarily lost in a love song I was scribbling on the back of an envelope. In no time at all, I was lost in a world of mind-stretching spiritual concepts, received telepathically, that helped me begin to look at life in a very different way.

In the years that followed, I went on to document hundreds of pages of Divine teachings from Amitabh, “God of Infinite Light,” the beloved aspect of The Father Consciousness who became my spiritual teacher. In 1998, I published The Calling, a volume of Amitabh’s channeled wisdom that has now touched the hearts of thousands. Yet, even after so many years as a courier of Divine guidance, nothing could have truly prepared me for the impact of Oneness and the incredible journey that had only just begun.

As Oneness guided me step-by-step through the agonies and the exultation of the experiential voyage described in this book, I painstakingly documented the principles— word for word, like a secretary taking dictation—directly onto a computer. I had never encountered concepts like this before. And I started to realize that what was writing itself, through me, was a foundation for a totally new level of understanding of the phenomenon we call life.

As this material began to unfold, I found I was able to grasp the concepts I was transcribing—in theory. Yet, it was hard to come to grips with the realization that even though I could now explain what was happening to me, and to the rest of the world, my life was still a textbook example of “Murphy’s Law”: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

What was I doing wrong? I pleaded to Oneness. “You can’t teach this if you haven’t lived it, Rasha,” became the mantra that I heard in reply, more times than I’d care to count. Then, slowly, as I continued to stumble into all my predictable dramas, an entire lifetime worth of “stuff”—all the chaos, all the upheavals, all the frustration, and all the flashes of déjà vu—the whole roller¬coaster of experience started to make sense.


At the same time, I began watching the world as I knew it, changing before my very eyes. I came to terms with the daunting realization that this was, literally, not the same world I was born in. Through these teachings, I started to recognize the fluid nature of a reality in the throes of metamorphosis. The rules of the game—the way we were taught life was supposed to work— clearly didn’t work anymore. Why was that? I wondered.

As I wrestled with the endless stream of questions offered by my logical mind, the teachings of Oneness began to lay the foundations for seeing everything in our present-day world from the timeless perspective of energy. Oneness explained that the vibrational momen¬tum driving all Creation toward unity is the same momentum that people everywhere are experiencing in their daily lives. And, every¬where I looked, I began to see the effects of the accelerated frequencies all around us, playing out as human experience.

I came to understand the dynamics of how we manifest our reality, vibrationally, and how our emotional response mechanism sets up the parameters for drawing our life experiences to us. I saw the symptoms of the process of ascension, the phenomenon of shift¬ing into accelerating levels of reality, all around me. I began recognizing the signs, applying the teachings, and discovering their potential.

After awhile, to my amazement, most of the down-to-earth, life-theme issues I had struggled with all my life—the endless re-runs of the same old movie—started to ease up. Over time, those kinds of experiences stopped happening, altogether. It was a miracle.

The teachings in this book took me to the outer reaches of my own humanness and to the depths of the Divinity I discovered within. Oneness, the presence that encompasses the full spectrum of that awesome journey, is the universal common thread that we all share with each other. It is a touch that is indescribable. Through tears of joy, I remind myself, daily, that I could not have imagined it.

Now, I understand the significance of the choice each of us has made to be here, in physical form, in these extraordinary times. It’s a level of understanding that came, not as a learned, philosophical concept with which to stimulate my mind, but as a timeless sense of knowingness that I unearthed from within. Like the touch of Oneness, with which I have been so blessed, it’s something that has to be experienced to be believed.

— Rasha

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