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The Plate of Life: An allegory.

Confronting resistance to change.

Coming to terms with obsolete priorities.

Recreating your life as a joyous reflection of who you really are.

This is the time to imagine what life might be like, if you were able to manifest what you really want. How would you orchestrate your life if there were no limit to what you were able to have or do? If you could start again at the very beginning, or anywhere in between, how would your story read? How would your journey end? That is a good place to begin.

Working backward now, from a vantage point of the end of your life, having created it as perfection, having accomplished all you sought to, having experienced all you hoped to, having tasted all you wished to, having manifested the highest possible expression of your own dream of physical reality—where would you be now? If you were taking your final breaths and watching an instant replay of all of it in your mind’s eye, how would ....

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