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The power of intention.

The energetic prescription for world peace.

The part every individual plays in the creation of global conflict.

Taking responsibility for the effect of every action upon the whole.

Right now is all there is. Right now is all there ever will be. Right now is what you have come into physical form to experience. And right now is the concept upon which your core understandings of the true nature of your reality are based. There is no past. All there is, is that which can be created. And creation, by definition, can only happen right now .

Your world, as your experience has shown it to be, is based on a system of action and reaction. Of cause and consequence. Of linear perceptions based upon beginnings and endings. In fact, none of these concepts are as your experience has shown them to be. Your perceptions are but a measuring device by which you can gauge the extent to which you are able to translate intent into form. For the sake of argument, let us eliminate form, for just a moment. What remains is pure intention. That is what is . That is the essence of Creation. That is the foundation upon which all else rests.

Your intention, in any given moment, sets the stage for the ....

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