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Refining your understanding of the momentum
known as “ascension”.

Achieving emotional detachment.

Reintegrating fragmented aspects of consciousness.

The significance of the karmic adversary.

The fallacy of “forgiveness”.

Here are significant changes taking place in the cellular structure of every life form on your planet in the present time period. And there are far reaching ramifications of these changes that enable each and every expression of consciousness to manifest as an accelerated version of one’s vibrational fingerprint, in physical form.

The core essence of one’s being is not altered in the process at hand. Rather, that essence is enhanced, expanded, and allowed to express as a higher octave of that original essence. The process is accomplished in incremental stages that allow for the integration of subtleties of perception into one’s field of awareness. At the same time they allow for the harmonization of one’s energies with a diversity of life forms that share the core resonant essence that is identifiable as you .

It is within this reintegration process that most “awakened” individuals find themselves in the present period. And it is within the confines of physical form that most who struggle with the symptoms of this process find ....

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