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Releasing the cellular imprinting of your
experiential history.

Peeling back the layers of emotional density
that have been dormant for lifetimes.

Navigating the depths of your own experiential
rites of passage.

The higher purpose to which you have directed the focus of your intent in these times has recognized that desire within you and has responded. The nature of that response is oftentimes not discernible until one is well invested in the process. And the evidence that heralds that profound shift in focus often simulates symptoms that are more indicative of a setback than of progress.

It is essential that the peeling back of the layers of experiential history, imprinted within your cellular structure, be accomplished systematically and completely so that you are able to liberate yourself from the constraints of the themes that characterize this lifetime. Were this cellular imprinting to remain unreleased, the energy patterns would continue to trigger repetitions of situations calculated to stimulate dramatic emotional responses in areas where resolution and completion may have been achieved.

It is entirely to be anticipated that dramas and interactions transpire that bring into definition and absolute clarity the key emotional issues with which you have been working toward resolution in recent times. It is in your highest possible interests that you permit yourself the experience of ....

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