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Viewing ancient prophecy about “The End Times” from a heightened perspective.

There has been much wisdom and much speculation handed down through the ages with regard to the nature of the times now upon you. They have been referred to as “The End Times,” by sages since time immemorial. In reading this text, you may have come to consider that that label has been interpreted in a literal and a linear sense by many in your reality. And as such, much fear and mass hysteria has been triggered unnecessarily.

It should be obvious to you that massive change is at hand. To resist that change and cling to an outmoded reality is surely not the answer for a world that is clearly growing in conscious awareness. For, just as radical change has transpired within your own life circumstances and within the depths of your inner being, so too is the reality reflected by the collective consciousness a product of that change.

To expect that catastrophic events will victimize your world and reduce it to rubble is ....

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