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Bringing the “recurring dream” of this
lifetime to completion.

Learning to recognize and to decline the
invitation of conflict.

How the collective will has helped transcend the prophesies for these times.

The lessons upon which you have chosen to focus in this lifetime represent categories of experience that you are now working to bring to culmination. It is likely that you are able to isolate certain recurring themes in your present life history. And it is likely that you have completed the necessary number of episodes on those themes to drive the point of the exercise home. There is no need to continue to subject yourself to the “recurring dream” that has been your reality in this lifetime unless you choose to. Now, it is time to turn the page, and to begin the work that you have prepared yourself to do by mastering these life lessons.

It may seem like your life has become a testimony to uncertainty in the present period. By virtue of the fact that you are reading these words and have been drawn to the energy of this communication, you are completing “the course.” Yet, the sense of direction toward the next phase of your life continues to elude you. It should be fairly obvious, in light of the dismantling of much of your life’s structure, that extensive preparation has been done. And there is a sense of waiting for someone or something to give you the “go-ahead” and tell you what’s next.

It is not necessary to try to second guess the process, but merely to be present. Observe your

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