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Finding God.

Since the very beginning of your self-awareness as an incarnate being, you have probed your world for clues to the meaning of your existence. You have looked in every conceivable crevice and pondered the vastness of the infinite cosmos. You have scrutinized the spiritual wisdom that was forthcoming from those who believed themselves to be knowledgeable about such matters. And you followed their directions religiously, in lifetime after lifetime, hoping that somehow you would emerge, at the end of your days with the answer.

Yet regardless of the cultural circumstances in which you found yourself, the questions led only to more questions. The deeper your explorations led you, and the more profound your understandings, there emerged deeper, more profound questions from the innermost recesses of your insatiable mind. Ultimately, your questions have led you to this place and to this moment. And even though you can sense that you have enacted this script before, there is a deeper knowingness that this time it is different.

At last, it seems you have ventured to a state of beingness where you have begun to tire of the questions. You have become bored with the entire process of skirting the perimeter of what you have been seeking from the beginning. For instinctively, you know that the answers are not “out-there” at all. Nor are they within the realm of mind. This knowingness that is yearned for at the very deepest level will not be understood. Not even after a thousand more lifetimes of “conscious,” spiritual pursuit. For one cannot attain the unattainable. One cannot hope to fathom the incomprehensible. One cannot arrive at a destination from which one has never departed. One can simply know oneself to be here—Now.

Here you will not find the externalized “God” who you hope awaits you, somewhere beyond this place. Here you will not find the answers to the infinite philosophical questions with which you have danced through time immemorial. Here you will not find the wisdom that you fear will continue to elude you. Not as long as you continue to search for it. Here you can only hope to find yourself. And in so doing, perhaps you will experience an exquisite moment of surrender, and then another. And perhaps, in the eternal moment of “Now,” you will know that you Are what you were seeking all along. You will know this. Not because you have finally amassed a sufficient body of knowledge and understanding. But simply because You Are This—fully present in your experience of it. The experience of Divine connectedness. The taste of that essence. That’s it.

You have come to the center of the storm now. You know this, for you have been here in this place before. And even though you have slid past the gateway to all you yearned for, over and over again, you’ve also ventured to the sanctity of this haven when you least expected to. And by now it feels familiar, and comfortable—and safe.

And here you thought it would be the ultimate challenge. Enlightenment—a pretty big word. Finding God—an intimidating concept. Only because you believed that it was. In truth, it’s all so simple. And your bondage to the illusion that it was otherwise is what has kept you coming back, lifetime after lifetime, on the chance that this time you’d “get it right.” This time you’d solve the riddle. This time you’d actually encounter God. And you’d know the truth, once and for all. And this time—you do.

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