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Integrating the fragmented aspects of your identity
through the path of emotion.

Poignant episodes with key players
as a catalyst for wholeness.

Vistas of new awareness will begin to unfold before you, as you begin to assimilate the higher frequencies and release your grasp on a reality you believed was carved in stone. Nothing is so permanent as that—not in true reality. The illusion you have created and convinced yourself was real has permanence, a fundamental sense of urgency, and an impetus to action that becomes a race against time that you may choose to play out in any of a number of arenas. Yet now you have chosen to expand your perspective and to consider whether or not you truly wish to continue to explore those realms, or whether it is indeed time to move into the realm of the timeless and to experience what is really there, from the perspective of physicality.

These words may strike you as nonsense, at first. And then as you begin to examine the priorities, the commitments, and all the details to which you have attached importance, you will, in one shining moment, recognize the absurdity in all of it. And in that recognition, you will ....

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