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The significance of conflict resolution without compromise.

The vibrational foundation for peace and harmony,
interpersonally and globally.

Massive changes are taking place throughout your reality in the present time frame. And the fundamental composition of all you consider to be real is being restructured in order to resonate harmoniously with the characteristics of the higher vibrational realities. In the process, much that might have seemed stable will suddenly be thrust into upheaval and discord. And you will most certainly begin to wonder what, indeed, is going on.

The systems on which your society is based will, most likely, experience a fundamental breakdown as they are built on a foundation of diminished vibration that cannot sustain itself under conditions that continue to accelerate. The collective consciousness, which is no less than the sum of its parts, brings to the present moment a radically altered orientation, and will be unwilling to continue to condone the oppressive and suppressive conditions to which you all are subject. ....

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