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Sourcing inner guidance.

The crossroads as a gateway to the path within.

Declining the invitation of psychic dependency.

Wisdom is the illusive essence that has been sought by humankind since the very inception of the idea of your emergence into form. Wisdom is the single element that distinguishes what you have always been from what you have chosen to become. For the agreements that govern a choice to emerge as form with identity require that your knowledge of the nature of your own Divine essence be relinquished.

What remained was the indefinable sense deep within you that there was a profound purpose underlying all that now surrounded you—a wisdom that was sensed, but could not be grasped. It was sensed, in part, because once there was full conscious awareness of that wisdom, and in part, because that wisdom, that knowingness, has never left you. That wisdom is a part of your very essence. You simply have denied yourself access to it, in order that you would have the opportunity to attain that wisdom of your own volition against all odds.

Now that you have begun to unravel the threads of the mystery you have created, hints of that wisdom surface in your conscious awareness now and then. You leave traces of illumination right there at your very own feet, so that this time you can’t possibly miss the clues you may have avoided stumbling over before. Very carefully, you are being guided out ....

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