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Detaching from the details of “the illusion.”

Attaining the vantage point of the witness.

Discovering tendencies within yourself, and seeing clearly the extent of the deception you perpetrate upon your own awareness, is a fascinating part of the process of awakening. Suddenly, you become aware of the character being portrayed through the vehicle of your identity, and you observe that character with a sense of bemused detachment. Once you have identified clearly some of the major themes you have been acting out throughout the course of your life, it becomes easy to watch yourself going through the motions of your own predictable response patterns, while in the act of doing it. At times, it is as though two of you are present. One is dutifully going through the motions of a programmed response, and the other is standing by watching in fascination as you run through your routine.

You are able to begin to unravel the intricate web of good intentions you have woven ....

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