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Experiential mirroring: creating a foundation for compassion.

Putting the rocky road into perspective.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, there is no denying the degree of change each of you is experiencing in your inner world. Some of you have chosen to share your personal experiences of transformation with others and have enjoyed a level of camaraderie and support that has served to reinforce what your experience has shown you to be so. Yet others of you have retained your perceptions and revelations as evidence of an inner shift in awareness so profound as to be undeniable. The level of selfrecognition evolves accordingly, as one progresses in the intensity of this process of evolution.

One becomes aware that characteristics of one’s identity that formed the foundation of one’s sense of self-knowledge are no longer valid expressions of one’s experience of oneself. And one comes to understand the fluidity in the nature of this process of metamorphosis. The vantage point from which you are able to observe yourself in this moment puts into perspective the rich and often rocky terrain you have traversed. And with that retrospective vision comes the understanding that ....

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