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Your energy field as the co-creator of your circumstances.

The power of your thoughts and words
as tools of manifestation.

Breaking the patterns that create unwanted outcomes.

Vast inter-dimensional conversion in consciousness is presently transpiring throughout every level of Creation. Awareness of your own involvement in this process marks the onset of shifts in life circumstances calculated to carry you to a level of consciousness that is unprecedented in your dimension. As you expe­rience these shifts, and the energies carry you to ever-higher levels of awareness, your attunement to the higher frequencies becomes stabilized. And the transition to an augmented perspective is achieved. By monitoring your responses and catching your logical mind as it attempts to censor your experience, you allow for the optimum state of heightened sensibilities in any given moment.

Sensitivity to the subtle shifts in your own energies is your barometer to the levels of experience you are able to draw to you. Experiences that evoke what you might consider to be lower emotions is....

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