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Transcending the spiritual dogmas of this reality.
A spiritual path tailored to every seeker.

There is no set way in which a being emerges into awareness at successive levels of perception. And even though each of you is on a similar journey through your experience of this particular level of reality, each of you has choreographed a unique dance that will not be experienced in quite the same way by anyone other than you. And so, while it is possible to generalize about some of the phenomena that characterize this stage of the journey, there is no guarantee that your particular experience will include those perceptions.

Some of you will require a prolonged series of repetitions of certain aspects of the process, in order to release the elements that are keeping you rooted in denser levels of awareness. Others will experience instantaneous realization of the essence of an experience without the necessity to have the point drilled into your awareness over and over again. These are choices each of you is making. And those choices determine the nature of your own unique journey.

There are many traditional paths that offer formulas calculated to deliver the spiritual seeker to successive levels of awareness of one’s Divine connectedness. And these time-honored methods have helped many to ....

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