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Change, diversity, and the nature of composite reality.
The perception and integration of parallel realities.

The essential difference between the world as you now know it and the world you would be challenged to imagine lies in the levels of limitation with which you have equipped yourselves to perceive your experience of life. These safeguards have been set into place so that you would be able to perform at levels of perception that would correspond, vibrationally, to the world in which you came into form. That world is not the same one in which you find yourself at present. And the constraints that were intended as a device for restricting your perceptions are now being lifted in increments, so that you are able to slowly integrate an awareness of what is really there with your understandings of the nature of your world.

Those understandings will alter radically, as the fundamental nature of your reality continues to evolve in response to the accelerating levels of vibration that give it form. Yours is a world that defies definition in the present period. For the essential truths that formed the foundation of your physical reality have ceased to support a world whose structure has begun to crumble.

In the present period, the lens of limitation through which you view your reality has ....

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