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The nature of the journey home.

Deciphering the imagery that surrounds you.

The power of choice with focused intent.

Awakening to “Be Here Now”.

Whichever way you look in your quest for spiritual answers, you are guided to One essential truth. It does not matter which of any number of avenues you choose to explore in your search for the meaning of your existence. The experience of connectedness to an internalized Source is the culmination of the journey. It is this experience that has been sought throughout the history of your species. And the yearning for that level of connectedness transcends all the barriers of culture and belief that have segmented you into the categories with which you identify yourselves. For, the search that would have you transcend those differences is the same momentum that drives you to find the Unity within your own being that transcends the limitation of your very humanness.

You are not a human being. This is simply an expression of form in which you have chosen to experience yourself. You are no more a human being than you are a rock or a tree, although you most certainly, are all of these things. What you are is not limited to any form at all. Yet, what you are encompasses all form—and all that is formless—simultaneously. You have begun to discover within yourself a ....

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