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Integrating change into one’s composite of self-definition.

Adapting to the changes within and the new categories
of experience that result.

How judgment—and detachment from it—affects
your experience of reality.

The sum-total of all that you are, all that you perceive, and all that you do is a manifestation of energy, experienced and expressed as form. The degree to which your perceptions parallel the expansion process is determined by the degree to which you are able to surrender to the reality of what is transpiring within you. It is indeed possible to retain the illusions that keep you rooted in a perpetual state of separation and to perceive the structure of that world, if your comfort level requires it. And there are many who will continue to function as living relics of a level of beingness from which they have ascended energetically, out of conditioning alone, for some time to come.

Yet, as you begin to make your peace with the reality of the changes you embody, it becomes less a question of if so much as to what degree these changes are able to be assimilated and are allowed to express through you as identity. The shifts, in many cases, may impact individuals in such dramatic ways as to make them virtually unrecognizable to others who believed they knew them well. Indeed, these ones metamorphosize in ways that distance them from everything that once formed the basis of their perception of themselves. Often, within the expanded parameters of the newfound identity, the trappings of the old create a level of discomfort that feels intolerable. And the compulsion to shed one’s former identity, like an outgrown skin, becomes undeniable.

One emerges in self-awareness, throughout this process, as layers are .....

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