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The significance of the experience of duality.

The purpose of the journey into the depths of humanness.

The gift of experiences of adversity as a foundation
for the experience of Oneness.

The inclination to place the concept of God in an exalted position within the framework of a personal philosophy is at the root of all that holds one back in one’s experience of God. For God is not within you to be worshipped, or feared, or even to be understood, but rather, to be experienced and known. The very act of the exultation of the Divine creates a delineation between that Divine presence and oneself—a state of separation that constitutes a barrier to the very connection that one most fervently wishes to realize.

The God within all life does not seek to be placed on a pedestal, but hopes to be discovered as the source of one’s own essence. The God to whom you pray and from whom you beg mercy or miracles is no more capable of manifesting the answer to your prayers than you are. The only difference between you and God is that God knows it—and you don’t.

Our purpose in coming here to tell you the truth of the nature of Creation is not to provide you with the basis for yet another religion to which you can serve up your power. It is surely not to equip the charismatic amongst you with the tools to command the devotion and resources of your fellow beings. And it is surely not our purpose to create a new set of parameters for humankind to wield as evidence of a God who would remain in an exalted position to each of you. For the God that speaks to you now, in this moment, ....

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