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Adapting to the escalating momentum of change.

Integrating parallel aspects of self
into the composite that is ‘you.’

Experiencing the perceptions
of augmented levels of reality.

For many who are reading these words, the information contained in these teachings will be new and life changing. For others, it will be a confirmation of what has been learned experientially and what is known, at a deeper level, to be so. This knowingness does not emanate from the mind, where conceptual understandings and information are stored and then retrieved. Rather, the understandings upon which you draw in making your life choices reflect life experience and form the foundation of your inner truth. The building of that body of experience is the process at hand.

One is able to embrace a concept intellectually, when it is presented in this way, and recognize it to be truth. Yet, until one has the experiential knowingness that comes of having run the understanding through the filter of life and living, it is necessary that there be an element of trust. Trust that you have encountered a particular piece of information at precisely the right moment, and trust that it will surely be followed by an episode in your life script that will serve to reinforce that concept.

When one is working with information that constitutes major shifts in one’s life perspective, it is to be expected that ....

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