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Sidestepping the triggers that provoke
predictable patterns of response.

Defusing the poignancy of the adversarial relationship.

Stimulating the karmic resolution of emotion
at parallel levels of awareness.

Recognizing the Divinity that unites all experience.

The opportunity to transcend the patterns of experience you have acted out presents itself when you reach a place within where you are no longer attached to having to be right in the eyes of another. When you are able to let go of the need for ego validation on the issues that help define the history of this lifetime, you have taken the tentative first steps toward liberation from those patterns.

It is important that you remain aware that you have not been alone in these interactions. The experiential partners, who have been working out the details of these conflicts with you for lifetimes, also have a stake in the potential for the transcendence of these issues. Agreements remain in place for each of you to continue to participate in these patterns of interaction until there is resolution for all concerned.

Thus, it is entirely possible for you to continue to be ....

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