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Becoming your own frame of reference.

Perceiving a reality all assume is shared.

Orchestrating the way the world responds to you.

How alternate aspects of identity affect your moods.

The nature of remembered experience.

The higher self

Massive changes taking place within your cellular structure are causing symptoms that many find puzzling under the conditions of profound change taking place in your world. Each of you is experiencing evidence of the ascension process in every aspect of your daily lives. And even though there may be a firm theoretical understanding of the basis for these phenomena, your conditioning as a being schooled in consensus thinking brings you to question, again and again, what your own experience has shown you.

There is no reliable frame of reference to draw on for some of what you may experience. For, life as you know it has taken a radical divergence from what you have been programmed to expect. You are being presented with conditions of an uncharted territory within the context of your own linear awareness.

Your concept of reality will have shifted countless times in the course of coming to this place in your unfoldment. Others who surround you will have reflected some degree of affirmation of the validity of these changes. Yet, now you find yourself ....

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