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A glimpse into the experience of ascension.

Integrating fragmented aspects of consciousness.

Attaining the perspective of one’s own expanded, multidimensional self.


The God you would hold exalted and worship from
is no further away than your own heart

You have come to this place in time for a multiplicity of reasons. You have come for the opportunity to transcend the parameters that define your existence. And, in the same breath, you have come to deepen your connection with the interwoven aspects of your beingness that give your life definition in the truest sense. You have come to this experience you know as your life in order to be able to reject, completely, the consensus view of reality imprinted upon you since birth, and to replace that structure of understanding with a perspective that totally transcends it.

This is the first time in your personal history as an incarnate individual that your conscious awareness has been augmented with levels of energy that enable you to transcend your physical senses. This is the first incarnation in which you have been able to rein force intuitive knowingness with experiential knowingness. This is the moment you have been waiting for, for eons of existence. For, this is the lifetime that will catapult you beyond all you know to a depth of awareness and understanding you are as yet unable to fathom. Trust that this process, in which you are, by now, deeply invested, is unfolding as it is meant to. And that everything is, indeed, in “Divine order.”

You are a spark of Divinity in the throes of activation. The programming for the process is deep-seated within you. And it will unfold at its own pace, regardless of steps you might be encouraged to take to accelerate that momentum. You may experience a sense of

reassurance by participating in group activities targeted at expanding your consciousness. And you may, indeed, experience sensations indicative of amplified levels of energy during such activities. But know that the results of such exercises are, for the most part, short-lived. For, the foundation for sustaining that energy is built from within. And the momentum of your growth is rooted in stillness.  

There is a place within the depths of one’s being where opportunities that defy linear logic are able to unfold. The key to maximizing the pace of your process lies in the degree to which you are able to let go and cease directing the scenarios of your drama. Allow life to unfold for you. And recognize the potential in the synchronicity that presents itself. Note the perfection in the results. And consider the possibility that your best interests are best served by a level of awareness that transcends your conscious mind.

Recognize your tendencies, rooted in fear of a less than optimum outcome of your efforts, to attempt to direct that out come. Dispense with your prior understanding of how results are manifested. And allow the circumstances that present themselves to nudge you in the direction of your highest possible good. As you become more comfortable with the process, you will begin to notice how easily the opportunities flow and how effortlessly you are able to manifest results that serve you at the highest level.  

You stand at the threshold of a grand adventure. And the extent to which you are able to experience the fullness of that journey is determined by the extent to which you are able to let go of the scenarios that no longer serve you. You have noticed, with rare exception, that the circumstances of your life are unraveling at an unprecedented pace. You have begun to question what is happening, as the structure of life as you know it, begins to crumble.  

You look around you for explanations. And you probe your own circumstances for clues that would justify the destruction of the familiar. At first, you may resist the impetus to dematerialize what has been the foundation of your reality. In time, you will come to recognize the inevitability of the momentum that guides you. For, the momentum is unyielding, carrying you in a direction that is new, yet feels comfortable and familiar.  

As you begin to release the constraints that bind you to circumstances you have outgrown, you will discover that the direction of choice is found on a road you must travel alone. As you gather the fragments of the structure that crumbles around you, and as you cease trying to “make sense of it,” you will come to embrace the peace of knowing that the struggle is, at last, coming to an end. And you will experience a sense of sweet detachment from what was and an openness to what is yet to be.  

As you extract yourself from your previous life script, you will feel deep compassion for the effects of your actions on the circumstances of others with whom you have shared history in this lifetime. Yet, your focus remains clear, as your recognition of the shift taking place within you provides the impetus to move forward, and to release the ties that would bind you and hold you back.  

It is for you who now struggle with the circumstances of that shift in orientation to recognize the inevitability of that process. It is for you who struggle to hold on to know that the key to all you could become lies in your willingness to let go, and to allow the metamorphosis, in which you are deeply enmeshed, to proceed.  

Once the initial resistance is overcome, there comes a total shift in focus to heart-centeredness. In this state of being, your perception of self and that of the world around you become intertwined. You begin to dance with the energies of life, allowing the ebb and flow to determine the direction. You begin to recognize the potential in the joyous adventure that beckons to you to venture forth. And choices that might once have appeared to be reckless come to be viewed as Divinely guided. You become aware of the heart space within and the song that emanates from it. You begin to harmonize with the breath of life pulsing within that core essence. And in that moment, you awaken to the recognition of the key to all you are and are yet to be.  

The rise and fall of the breath of life determines the pace at which one can travel on one’s journey. There is a quickening that occurs quite naturally when you allow the breath to guide you into the depths of your very being. Relaxing the physical senses, relinquishing the sense of conscious direction, being willing simply to be in the moment with All That Is : these are the parameters of the process that will guide the way, if you permit the process itself to be in control.  

There is little distinction between the in-breath and the out breath when one shifts into the heart-centered state. Ultimately, there is no conscious awareness of breath at all, merely a connectedness to a sense of Self that transcends one’s definition of self. One experiences a sense of peace that is both profound and inconsequential, as it is one’s very birthright. One becomes the rise and fall of the breath. And in that rhythm, one begins the process of expansion that opens the door.  

Riding on the wings of the rise and fall of the breath, one begins to experience a perception of self that transcends the limitations of physical form. One’s energy field expands. One begins to encompass, in actuality, the expanded parameters of that field. And one bonds in Oneness, in that moment, with an expanded aspect of self—an aspect of who one truly is.  

Initially, the expanded state is experienced in the moment and surrenders to the moment. Ultimately, one becomes that moment and becomes One with that expanded sense of self. The higher understandings and heightened perceptions of the expanded self become integrated into one’s conscious awareness. And one is able to make the shift that enables one to transcend completely the limitations that bind one to an earthbound existence. Through the vehicle of breath, one is able to embody the higher state of beingness, while retaining physical form.  

This is the experience you would refer to as ascension. One does not, as is popularly believed, cease to materialize in physical form, in this process. Rather, one comes to embody each successive level, as each is embraced and encompassed. One retains form, as the heightened sensibilities are integrated. And one is able to resonate at the higher level of the expanded consciousness, and to perceive the world as it truly is, and increasingly comes to be. The understandings expand, exponentially, as each level is attained and integrated.  

Ultimately, one comes to embody all aspects of one’s inter-dimen-sional lineage simultaneously. One comes to perceive as superfluous the physical definitions of identity that would keep one tethered to a reality that, increasingly, lacks relevance. One walks with an awareness of all that was recognizable reality, and is keenly attuned to what is recognizable reality. And one is able to distinguish amongst simultaneous perceptions of what becomes an increasingly multifaceted world.

There are many who have glimpsed this state of being and have explored fleetingly the perceptions it offers. Inherent in the process is the opportunity to retain those levels of beingness, and ultimately, to experience embodiment in the realities they represent, simultaneously. One can anticipate being able, for example, to experience multiple levels of reality, not by relinquishing one for another, but by encompassing, sequentially, each of those levels and “becoming” each expanded state of being—all of which are, in fact, you .  

Although your path is your own and the pace at which you travel is a matter of choice, you will not be expected to make the journey “alone.” Each progressive level of self is an investment in consciousness that is as committed to the process of integration as you are. As you reach energetically for—and merge with—each successive level of self , you embrace the loving intent of that expanded identity to integrate all that you are into its repertoire of awareness and response. As the levels of your consciousness intertwine, the distinction between those aspects of self ceases to be. And Oneness is achieved.  

There may be multiple levels of integration, as fragmented aspects of what is, in fact, you merge in consciousness and become a collective of beingness that attains Oneness, simultaneously, with a mutually shared “higher self.” It is indeed possible, when integrating what could be considered to be lost aspects of self, to lose conscious awareness of the differentiation of one’s original identity. One bonds, energetically, with the collective and, ultimately, the sense of separation is obscured and gives way to the perception of one’s expanded, multidimensional self as that which one is .  

Once integration has taken place, one is able to transcend the limitation of one’s previous focus. In so doing, one is able to remain in harmony with all that previously defined one’s existence while, simultaneously, opening to encompass the fullness of the totality at that stage in one’s process. There is no need to direct this process through your intent. For it is you who will be directed and not the other way around. One’s sense of it is of being in a state of absolute receptivity, of surrendering totally, on every possible level, the need— the compulsion—to control the process.  

One becomes as a leaf on the wind, embodying a willingness to be carried with the momentum of the process, knowing unquestioningly that one’s best interests and one’s well-being are being seen to in every possible way. In a sense, one becomes the wind, while retaining the self-perception of the leaf. One embodies self definition and form while merging in totality with momentum and direction. The energies become one. And the transference of the form from here to there is achieved.  

Once there , the qualities of momentum and direction are retained as an integral part of one’s self-perception. And one is able, eventually at will, to merge with that momentum. One is able to ride the energy of momentum in the direction of that momentum, for one would be in complete harmony with that momentum. One would be the harmony that unites momentum and form.  

This is the direction in which you are headed in these times. This is a fragmentary glimpse of the world that awaits you. The world would be less the sense of a destination than of the journey itself. For the destination would be in relinquishing the need for destination. The objective would be in releasing the need to know . The opportunity would be in turning over the reins that would govern momentum and direction, and to experience the perfection of the ride.  

The question is, are you willing to risk relinquishing all that you know—the entire structure of the belief system that defines and constricts your reality—for the chance that you may experience the perspective of your own expanded self? Are you willing to acknowledge that “truth,” as your experience has shown it to be, may not be the entire picture? Are you willing to consider the possibility that all you may value could, in fact, be worthless in the higher sense? Are you willing to accept that you are, in fact, ready for this journey?  

By virtue of the fact that you are even considering such questions, know that the process has indeed begun. It is not a question of if so much as a question of how and at what pace you will proceed. From the perspective of a being immersed in a linear, physical reality, your challenge now is in your willingness to risk that the information that resonates to you as truth is actually truth. And that your objective in this stage in your development is to relinquish your hold on the limitation imposed by reality as you have known it to be. You are here to consider, and ultimately to embrace, the full multidimensional spectrum of your beingness as that which you are. You are here to begin to experience that expanded sense of self. And to walk in the fullness of that state of beingness one step at a time.  


In this moment, you are all you are yet to become. For “time,” as you know it to be, is not a factor in what is transpiring in what you consider to be “the Now.” All that is to happen has happened, energetically. What is left to achieve is the physical manifestation of that expression of energy. This would explain why, at times, you are seemingly drawn to a particular set of circumstances. This would explain why you experience what you would consider to be “synchronicity.” And this would explain why you experience a sense of disharmony when you resist suggestions that nudge you to act upon certain opportunities.  

There are any number of avenues to the crossroads in which you may be headed at any given moment. When you take up the threads of a scenario that presents itself to you as “synchronicity,” you experience the manifestation of that particular avenue—those particular sets of circumstances and the individuals who feature in it. Were those threads not taken up, be assured that other potentially “life-altering” events would present themselves to you, scripted to deliver you to the very same crossroads, albeit via a different route. Forgive yourself the misdirected notion that you have strayed off track by letting certain opportunities pass you by. Know that you will get to where you are going by any number of alternative means. By definition, it cannot be otherwise.  

Likewise, forgive yourself the misdirected notion that you have impeded your own progress by your own judgment of your performance in a given set of circumstances. The very responses those scenarios invoked within you are those calibrated, energetically, to deliver you to the state of beingness in which you recognize, consciously, your tendency to respond in that way, and relinquish your need to do so. Once you see the pattern, it is likely that you can cease repeating it and experience arrival at a crossroads that will carry you in a different direction entirely.  

In the present period, it is likely that you will experience a sense of coming to completion, on a multitude of levels, with the recurring themes that have dominated this lifetime. As a way of punctuating the point in question, it is likely that your experience will begin to serve you extreme variations on that theme. This is an indication that you are at completion with a particular leg of your journey and that it is, indeed, time to move on.  

Time,” as you know it to be, is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Events appear to be crammed into an improbably short space, and at times seem to be happening simultaneously which, in fact, they are. It is crucial, as your rendezvous with Oneness draws you ever nearer, that you come to completion with the life themes that tether you to this reality. It is crucial that you attain a state of detachment from the energy charges that have magnetized you, habitually, throughout this lifetime. It is crucial that you recognize the common thread in the web of dramas that you have woven—that continue to ensnare you. And it is crucial that you allow yourself the grace of your own humanness in responding to these recurring situations—and love yourself for it.  

When you are able to stand back from the overview of the dramas in which you have played a starring role and see yourself as the award-winning performer that you truly are, you are well on your way to completing the journey. Until you have mastered what you have come here to experience, the level of beingness that seeks to integrate you in its journey to Oneness cannot do so.  

As you reach out energetically, with a heartfelt desire to bond with your own higher expression of beingness, know that that aspect of self reaches for you too and adds its energy to the equation of your totality. Until you are able to liberate yourself, vibrationally, from the chronic patterns of response that keep you “stuck” in endless repetitions of the same old song, your higher aspect of self is unable to integrate you without jeopardizing its own vibrational levels.  

Likewise, you may sense a tethering, beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, to deep-seated emotional patterns of response, which are out of proportion to the circumstances that evoked them. Consider the very real possibility that what links energetically to you in these moments are aspects of your own being who have been excluded from you and who seek to integrate with you, in their journey toward Oneness.  

From their perspective, you are the heightened state of beingness toward which they strive. You are the mastery they seek. You are the enlightened perspective that they have tasted fleetingly and with which they yearn to bond at the deepest heart level. Your own emotional responses to given situations in your life open the door to parallel scenarios with parallel energetic “triggers” at other levels of Creation. The common ground and the paths upon which you will merge, energetically, with all aspects of self are the emotions you share at the deepest level.  

When you experience a particularly poignant response to a given situation—one that you may judge to be extreme—consider, before judging yourself too harshly, that what you may be feeling is depth of emotion you share mutually with an aspect of self that has been denied and was left behind along the way. By repressing the expression of the depths of your feeling, you only serve to prolong the separation between you and that aspect of self, and to invite repeat performances of scenarios which are calculated to produce the same emotional response.  

It is imperative that you open your heart to the very real sensations of hurt, sorrow, or outrage summoned to you by circumstances in the dramas in which you play a part. In so doing, you pave the way for the reintegration of a missing piece of your own being whose life theme may be the embodiment of those very responses, and who strives from his depths to transcend them.  

Without the reintegration of these lost fragments of your own consciousness, you will be unable to complete your journey in the way the sum-totality of your beingness would wish to. Without giving yourself permission, in this time frame, to truly feel the depths of your emotional response mechanism, you are holding yourself back, in the way that really matters, at every level of Creation.  

You are a multidimensional being. You are not limited to the particular identity that you have come to regard as you . There are viable aspects of self that live, unbeknownst to you, in parallel realities, who reach out, instinctively, for the lost aspect of self that you would consider to be you. To these beings, you are a missing note in a chord that defines their very existence. You are the harmony toward which they strive and without which they are unable to achieve it. The key to your full participation in this multidimensional effort is to be present in all that you are and in all that you do so that you are able to be present in all that you are to become.  

Be conscious of what you are feeling and how you are responding in the dramas of your daily life. Be honest with yourself in your acknowledgment of your emotional responses. And be not so hasty in rejecting, within your own repertoire of sensibilities, the poignant feelings that you might have yourself believe are “beneath you.” Your emotional response mechanism is very real. The key to all you would accomplish in this lifetime hinges upon your willingness to embrace all that you are, for the chance that you may come to experience—in Oneness—all that you truly Are.

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