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The experience of interdimensional ascension.

Bouncing between realities:
Shifting the focus of one’s awareness amongst
simultaneous levels of reality.

The “extinction” and emergence of new forms of
plant, animal, and mineral life.

Never before in the history of your world has there been a time of transformation such as this. These times mark the completion of a cycle whose ramifications are felt throughout Creation. What is transpiring in the “here and now” of your experience is no more or less intense than the shifts being integrated by beings in other dimensions. For, All Creation is engulfed in the momentum of change. And all are grappling with the repercussions of the integration of accelerated vibration—and experiencing the wonders of a new world of perception—on an individual basis

In your world, these times mark the end of an era that has been characterized by unprecedented change. In a relatively short period of time, the human race on planet Earth has gone from the level of material subsistence to a level of sophisticated technological advancement that refines and re-refines itself with each waking breath. At the same time, your innate sensitivity and awareness of the reality of the world beyond the material has come to the forefront of the consciousness of humankind, irrespective of differences in culture.

There is a spontaneous experience of awakening transpiring throughout the “here and now” of your world. And for those privileged to be living in populations where awareness of these changes is acknowledged openly, there is much camaraderie and support available. For others in more repressed cultural environments, the experience of energy assimilation is a more personal one. Individuals going through these times under such conditions are experiencing the ....

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