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Bringing relationships to completion
and walking away with loving detachment.

Breaking addictions to others.

The significance of summary life experiences.

Allowing others to live or to die in freedom.

Disproportionate emphasis on little things that occur begins to bring into perspective the priorities you have placed upon certain areas of your life, once the process of transformation is fully under way. You will begin to become aware of your own reactions to incidents and recognize your own overreaction to certain types of scenarios. Your own emotional response is your cue to tune in to categories of emotion that you harbor, well hidden within your energy field. Your reactions have little to do with the individuals or the situations in question. These vehicles for your own growth have been strategically scripted into your drama as catalysts for directing your awareness to the deeper issues still held energetically within you.

When you become aware of recurring scenarios that trigger strong emotional responses, take the time to distance yourself from the scene in question and look carefully at what may be symbolized by those circumstances. For, until you begin to do so, you will continue to manifest scene after scene of the recurring theme in question. The situations that most feel like a thorn in your side are those that pose the greatest potential breakthroughs for you in terms of conditioned responses that keep you stuck, playing out the same scenes over and over again. To free yourself from ongoing patterns of repetition on given themes, it is necessary to attain a level of detachment.

The measure of importance you attribute to a particular theme is directly proportionate to the degree of repetition you can anticipate as your life experience. To transcend that pattern and break the cycle, it is necessary to ....

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