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Diet for a new reality.

Maintaining wellness under conditions of accelerated vibration.

The significance of energy work.

The concept of cellular purification.

The higher levels of energy integration, of which you have had a small taste, will produce varying degrees of discomfort and symptoms in certain individuals that could be misinterpreted as illness. It is to be expected, as the levels are amplified and one’s exposure to them intensifies, that the natural process of purification will take on new emphasis. It will become increasingly difficult to ignore evidence that radical changes are occurring in your physical body that, if left unaddressed, will manifest as poor health or a threat to the maintenance of life.

The forms in which you incarnated were designed to sustain the levels of density that were to be expected under the environmental conditions then standard in your realm. The levels of environmental pollutants now present in all the substances you allow to merge with you energetically—your air, food, and water—have added levels of density to your bodies that are so extreme as to have made the human being an endangered species in your reality.

When this foundation of impurity is compounded by vibrational levels designed to amplify and accelerate the natural purification process, the body is confronted with ....

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