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The vibrational prescription for maintaining
physical wellness in a rapidly shifting reality.

The fortitude of one’s physical form is a subject of great importance and one on which many are focused in these times. The purification of one’s physical form as the vehicle for ascension is one of the most crucial areas toward which one can direct focused intent, and one toward which we wish to direct your attention. Your form is a direct reflection of your vibratory levels at any given time, for the human body is merely the manifestation of energy as form.

To maintain the physical body in a state of optimum health, it is necessary to look beyond consensus wisdom based upon truths of the past. For, your limited physical world provides you with the clues of the scientifically verifiable, and this alone. The wisdom needed for these times is founded upon a world of spirit not accessible to the physical senses.

The form in which you venture forth on this sacred journey harbors within it what could be termed “cellular memory.” In this vibrationally based encoding lies the keys to ....

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