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Embracing the Divine Moment: the acceleration of the process of experiential compensation for “the past.”

Recognizing the radical change in the ground rules that govern physical reality.

Becoming “the rock” upon which all else rests.

Resistance to the changes that are transpiring within you will necessitate prolonged repetitions of categories of experience that, essentially, you have outgrown. As long as you cling to the idea of the way “life is supposed to be,” your life circumstances will continue to reflect a perspective that sees itself at the effect of circumstances beyond your control. That experiential evidence contributes to the perpetuation of a mind-set that views itself as a “victim.” And around and around it goes, the experiences reinforcing the presumptions, and the presumptions setting the stage for experience. Eventually, you tire of the injustice of it all. And in some poignant moment of desperation, you will begin to dig within yourself and to unearth the clues that, ultimately, will lead you out of the wilderness.

As you reach saturation point with the experience of disappointment and suffering, you will have set the stage for the shift in consciousness that can begin to create life anew. For, unbeknownst to you, the life you believe yourself to be living has not ....

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