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The elusive dream that is reality.

This is the moment you have awaited since time immemorial. Your consciousness stands on the threshold of a radical shift for which you have been preparing for lifetimes. You sense that you are at a place of completion with your major life issues. You are able to identify the patterns and the themes that have surfaced again and again in the dramas of your daily life. And you sense, unquestionably, that something has shifted in the very depths of your being. The shift is subtle—barely perceptible—yet it is undeniable. The energy flows easily. And resistance is nowhere to be found.

You are a pioneer in uncharted territory, yet you are most assuredly not alone; for you experience the connectedness from within that could only be Divine. You are at a place of Oneness with All Creation. You have passed the point of no return on your sacred journey. And you have surrendered totally to the momentum that carries you, effortlessly. Your life has become a joyous celebration—a gift you have given to yourself. This is the moment.

This is the moment that you recognize what has been there all along. This is the state of being, eternally present in consciousness, that is crystallizing into form. You have given definition to your heart’s desire. And now all that remains is your experience of it.

The elusive dream described above is, in fact, your reality. It has already happened. Now, all that remains, quite literally, is your experience of it. And perhaps you wonder, in this moment, how much longer the dream will remain just out of reach. The answer? As long as you wish it to be.

As long as you continue to tell yourself that you’re almost there—almost, but not quite—you sustain the experience of the eternally unattainable dream. In fact, The Dream is happening in your reality, right now. And the way to be present in it is by being present in it—right now. You do not require anyone’s assessment of your progress, or anyone’s permission, to be instantaneously living The Dream. All that is required is to know that you are already there.

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