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Integrating the momentum of change as a population.

The catalyst for wars, famines, and natural disasters.

Deferring to your own truth over reality by consensus.

There is no set pattern to the way in which beings come into awareness. For some of you, the experience of awakening is instantaneous. And the necessary number of exposures to the truth of your own essence is minimal. For those ones, the experience itself is the proof needed to sustain the essence of the initial experience of enlightenment. For others, who have embodied that realization on countless occasions, the mind engages in the process, and the exquisitely simple essence of truth is obscured in a hail of questions, doubts, and mentalized concerns.

There is no judgment implied here. There is no method of awakening that is preferable to another. It is all experience. It is the journey you choose to give yourself, on your personal path to Oneness. It does not matter to Oneness whether you need to taste truth once or a thousand times before the Light goes on. This is a choice each being makes for himself. No two journeys are alike, and it is not anyone’s place to presume that his or her path is the path of choice for another. All that can be shared is your own personal experience of that path. For, all that can be taught is that which the student has chosen, at the deepest level, to learn.

Do not be inclined to fault yourself in becoming aware of the pace at which others may be traveling. Some may speed past, coming into instant realization. Still others, who walk by your side, continue to slip and flounder in puddles you have sidestepped— or crawled out of—long ago. It is not for you to ....

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