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The ebb and flow of the tides of consciousness.

The power of nonattachment to outcome.

Timing the completion of core issues.

Riding the energies as a tool for manifestation
and karmic resolution.

The clarity you have attained thus far on your journey has served to bring you to this moment. Here, at this crossroads in time and space that you regard as “today,” the consciousness of humanity stands poised, an in-breath of life, awaiting the inevitable out-breath to follow. And just as the rhythm of the breath is anticipated and experienced in harmony with the rest of your life functions as a fact of your physical existence, so too is the rhythm of your awareness—the ebb and flow of the tides of your emerging consciousness—in harmony with the in-breath and the out-breath of Creation.

The moments of clarity intensify, and then wane, over and over again. One experiences a spark of crystalline awareness and, in that exquisite moment, is convinced that clarity is there to stay. Yet, as one reaches to hold onto it, the illumination slips elusively past. And one is left to wonder whether one has actually awakened or is still wandering the back roads of the dream. In all likelihood, as the process of transformation intensifies, one is experiencing both states of being simultaneously.

The process of awakening is not one in which a definitive threshold is crossed and one is then enlightened, transformed, or ascended. There is much backsliding to be expected on this journey. And it is not unlikely to find yourself quite suddenly back at the beginning—in your own mind’s eye—when you were just patting yourself on the back for having scaled some daunting precipice, thinking the summit was, at long last, in view. That is very much the nature of the experience.

Your own preoccupation with the concept of completion will keep that state of attainment ever elusive. Spiritual growth is not focused on a destination, but rather, on the .....

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